With joint work in focus

How Blåkläder works to reduce the operational environmental impacts is described in our environmental policy. But there are also simple ways for you as a Blåkläder users to manage garments environmentally correct.

Consider for example, to wash the garment according to care instructions. Prioritize to wash in cold temperatures, as high temperatures is energy intensive and therefore you should not wait until the garment is too heavily soiled. If the garment is not dirty, air it in the first place. Use eco-labeled detergent, and be sure not to overdose.

When clothes are worn out and needs be thrown away and replaced, make sure not to mix them with other industrial or construction waste. Worn textile can be burnt.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the clothes are taken care of in an environmentally proper way, you can send them to return to Blåkläder. Here the garments are sorted and then sent for incineration and energy recovery. Our customer service can tell you more about the return system.

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