Product guide for Blåkläder workwear

What are your requirements for your work? Durable and functional, but also stylish and comfortable? Blaklader is intended for those who are looking for function and quality. We take our job very seriously and believe that every detail must be designed and executed with the utmost care to make sure that our workwear really works and can handle the rough environments.

For example, our craftsman trousers have three needle seams at stress points, sewn with special machines in our own factories. It takes almost a kilometer wire for one trouser. Then you get a garment that is so durable that it can provide a lifetime warranty on the seams. It's just one of the details that distinguish a real quality garment from mass-produced low-priced imports.

By owning the entire chain, from design to production and inventory management, we are confident that what reaches every customer is just as good as it should be. Clothes that last longer not only reduce your costs but also the consumption of Earth's resources. A sustainable solution, both for you, us and the environment.

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